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About Us

This is the story of NUDO and how two women from Pretoria are changing the way salons are run by giving customers exclusive, high-end experiences while making every person who walks in through their doors feel a sense of belonging. NUDO started out in a single woman’s home. Pearl Daniels was able to give the most masterful extension service that even South African celebrities would have their hair washed in her bath to be serviced by her. Today NUDO is a franchise growing, faster than Pearl could have imagined, in Gauteng and now readying itself to expand internationally.


Online conversation research shows that the scariest part about going to a high end hairdresser, or any hairdresser for that matter, is the feeling of being judged by the salon you go to for the state of your hair or for not being ‘well put together’. NUDO knows it is their job to make you feel amazing and comfortable in your own skin and go out of their way to give you an experience that is judgement free. The only thing that matters when you enter their doors is you . Although their ambassador and clientele list include the likes of Leandie du Randt, Charlize Berg, Amor Vittone, Gareth Cliff and more… no one is treated as more important than the other in their salons. This company aims to allow every man and women who is a customer to have a personalised experience that leaves them feeling incredibly pampered. “NUDO is not only a luxury, exclusive experience; our salons are also a place for our customers to come to feel personally pampered.

We aim to give each person who enters our doors an experience they will feel inspired by. NUDO is where every visitor has a restorative moment. A moment to discover their own beauty and break-away to focus on themselves in a world that hardly ever allows them do that.” says one of the founders of this franchised brand, Nastasha Watson.


So who are the incredible ladies living out their wildest dreams through the creation of this franchise?


Pearl Daniels studied a Somotology degree and like many other South Africans ventured off thereafter to work on a cruise liner in the field of hair and beauty for two years. Seeing the extension trend take off oversees, and realising she was pretty good at applying herself to extension services, she returned home to start her own home business specializing in extensions. After two years of learning the trade, she rented a chair in a salon but worked independently starting the brand: Hollywood Hair. Two years later, through her own expanding belief in herself as an entrepreneur she met the perfect business partner match in Nastasha Watson.


Nastasha Watson is a business owner and entrepreneur who has completed a Bsc in Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology and has an Honours degree in Medical Genetics. She started her career working as a Clinical Cytogeneticist in Pretoria and London. Through her love for business, no doubt influenced by her parents’ entrepreneurial spirits, she left genetics to try her hand at her own company. Nastasha joined her Mom, Debbie Serradino, in opening a lifestyle center, named Vintage Vista, which now consists of a furniture and décor store, a coffee shop, a nail salon and in-house interior design services offered by one of their 6 inhouse interior designers. This business had been running for almost 5 years when Nastasha and Debbie were introduced to Pearl through the nail salon and then also to the magic of Hollywood Hair. There was an immediate business chemistry between Nastasha, her Mom and Pearl. Having a sense for what the already very successful Pearl had within her, Nastasha jumped at the opportunity to start her second business in their first NUDO salon together in Pretoria East.


At this flagship salon Pearl has taken on the role of the extension specialist and is undoubtedly one of the top extensionists in the country. She also runs all the marketing for the brand. Nastasha is the administration and finance queen of their operation. Debbie is their trusted advisor and, ironically, silent partner. Together they have become unstoppable.


The heart of their operation is the personality that these women bring to their salons. Nastasha with her exceptional sense of interior decor and lust for hard work (you can see her working at anything in their salons, from front desk operation, to answering the calls of customers to staff management, she truly believes that no one is too great to do anything, however small, to make the business work) and Pearl has an immensely welcoming personality that will no doubt greet you with “hello, my angel!” as you enter their doors. You feel the sense of caring for their craft and that you are completely at home in their surroundings. More than that though, there is a sense of great triumph in their salons. You get the sense that you have entered a space that will not soon be forgotten, a business that is without a doubt poised to flourish!

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